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Welcome Home to Phillips County

Phillips County Economic Development Corporation is a resource-driven catalyst for economic development throughout Phillips County. Located on the beautiful high plains of northeastern Colorado, Phillips County's primary industry is agriculture and it is one of the most productive farming and ranching regions in our country.


2021 Membership Drive

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Since 2000, PCED has had the privilege of pursuing common economic goals set out by our county’s leadership in both the private and public sectors. This past year, we have had the pleasure of working with our local Chamber of Commerce groups, area youth and service groups, private businesses, and local governments.  We are a resource driven catalyst the aids in the overall economic growth of Phillips County. We provide resources and information to help create jobs, reatain and expand business, and encourage youth apprenticeship and entrepreneur development.  Please consider joining us as a member!

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Ogallala Commons Internships

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Economic Impact Scholarships

Nominate your favorite Youth today!!

The Phillips County Economic Impact and Opportunity Scholarship is meant to award and recognize young individuals in Phillips County who have contributed to, have the desire to, or have fostered the overall economic growth, economic innovation, community development or entrepreneurial spirit of Phillips County.

Nominations can be made for any youth between the ages of 12-21 who reside in Phillips County.  Scholarship winners will be announced by the end of the school year and honored at our Annual Meeting planned for late June.

Prairie IT and PCED are the proud sponsors of the scholarships!

Please complete by April 23rd